memory days: July 2010


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jack & Aiden

It was great to see Jack & Aiden again this year. I got to see some of Aiden's commercial work in People Magazine &Sports Illustrated, as you can imagine, it is a pleasure to get these guys in front of a camera!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It was such a pleasant surprise to have one of my old neighborhood elementary school friends contact me for a photo shoot for her adorable daughter Kiki. And  let me just say, Kiki is adorable! We met up during the heat wave in Bushnell park in  Hartford to take some pictures on the antique carousel. The carousel is closed on Mondays ( I swear I triple checked...) so we ended up doing two photo shoots. First up Bushnell park, where Kiki entertained herself with the playground & pigeons... 

And then a few rides on the carousel!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bath time & an English wedding

The main reason for my big european vacation was to see my good friend Gina get married at a castle in the English countryside. ( I know, it sounds awful!) We took the train from London and had one day in Bath, which as it's name suggests is home to an old Roman Bath. Having no idea what to expect, I  was quite taken with how quaint & picturesque Bath was. We had beautiful weather, perfect for walking & exploring the old winding streets.
Ari & the royal mail. Bath actually had a postal museum we unsuccessfully attempted to go to, after Ari "lost" her wallet.

Ari & Stephanie - all smiles (thankfully, I "found" the wallet.)

The next day we headed to beautiful Orchardleigh for the big event!
Everything was beautiful!
The happy couple...
I wish I had a good picture of Gina to post. She was an absolutely GORGEOUS bride, and her dress was stunning! The few pictures I do have here, were  taken with my little point & shoot. I put the big camera away & enjoyed the day!

Stephanie & I at cocktail hour :)

The wedding was a blast - hence I was having way too much fun to take pictures, but I did snap a few of the fireworks after dinner. This was a fairy tale wedding I will not soon forget. Congratulations again to Gina & Will, so glad I could be there!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy {belated} Independence Day!

It had been a while since I had some quality, one on one, baby sitting time with my nephew. I was excited  to get Andrew on the  beach  with his adorable little plaid cap for a few pictures. Of course the last thing Andrew wanted was to put the cap on, but we managed to get some good pictures and watch the trains & seagulls go by. It seems my little nephew is getting more independent everyday, as he quickly approaches his first birthday. Here is my take on a little Independence day fun. Enjoy!